Why is it that my kids can't hear me when I ask them to pick up their toys or put their plate in the sink, but can be outside playing, and hear the slight music of the ice cream truck from a mile away?

Two, wide eyed, breathless girls ran into the house last night and said something like "the ice cream man is coming and I have five dollars and Dad said we could ride our bikes to find him because he never comes down our street and we've been waiting forever for the ice cream man to come and do you want some ice cream because we want Spongebob Ice cream and we have to hurry so is it ok if we try to find the ice cream man?"

How do you say no to that?  They found him quickly and by the time I got outside, I saw two very happy, calm kids eating their Spongebob ice cream and talking about deep issues, like what to do with the bubble gum eyeballs while you try to eat the ice cream part.

I remember hearing the Ice Cream Man as a kid.  We would lose our minds trying to find Mom and money before the ice cream truck drove away.  I think the Ice Cream Man likes to pretend to drive away just so he can see the faces of the children as they run down the street, thinking they may miss out on the perfect summertime treat.

My Mom and I chased the Ice Cream Man down the street as adults once, and I know he saw us, but kept on driving.  I made the split decision to make an ass out myself and keep on running.  I mean, it's ice cream!

I never say no to the kids when we see a lemonade stand or hear the jingle of the ice cream truck.  My heart still skips a beat when I hear that song.  I guess I am just a kid at heart, and I hope that never changes!