I love spending time with my kids.  I think they are funny and smart and wonderful (proud Mama).  That being said, I have had a bit of a challenging week   Yes, I know it's only Tuesday.  My oldest, Emma, washed a load of clothes in bleach.  My youngest, Matthew, scribbled on his freshly painted wall with red marker.

Ahhh, the joys of being a mother!  I really don't even get upset about that stuff anymore.  I was a little nervous about the bleach, because I had all the clothes sorted on the floor, and had an image of bleach all over them.  She didn't spill any!

I thought I had gotten rid of all the "bad" pens in the house, but someone gave the kids a coloring set with pens that don't wash out.  I reminded Matthew that we only draw on paper, and asked him what he thought his Dad would say (my husband Mike is the one who just painted the wall).  Matthew said "he's probably going to kick my butt."  Hard to get too mad when you're laughing!

My middle child, Gracie has been my easy one...this week.  So last night, when she asked if she could play hooky today, I actually considered it.  I am going to pick her up after lunch and surprise her with an afternoon off.  She deserves it.  She didn't destroy anything....this week!