Ever wonder what a dog would say if it could speak? Turns out, it’s nothing less than what you’d expect from man’s best friend.

Today‘ profiled Mishka, a “talking” Siberian Husky and internet sensation with her own YouTube channel, Facebook page and online store. A YouTube video in which the dog howls the words “I love you,” has racked up a whopping 56 million views to date alone.

Mishka’s owners think the dog is actually aware of what’s she’s saying. “I definitely think that she’s being affectionate towards us when she says it,” said Alena Gardea. “I do think she grasps the meaning of it.”

But Mishka doesn’t just profess her love. She also mimics the phrases “Hello,” I want dinner,” “I’m hungry” and “How are you?”

Watch the ‘Today’ segment on Mishka and the video that made her a star below:

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