Montana is #1 for Healthy Pets
Montana is practically a pet paradise. Miles and miles of wide open spaces to run, plenty of rivers and lakes to jump into, and very little traffic in comparison to bigger cities.
Meet My Pet Child
I've noticed that there are a lot of dog lovers around Bozeman. I can definitely add myself to that list. I have a black lab named Galena and yesterday she made a new friend. Back in Boise, both of my roommates had dogs, so Galena always had other dogs to play with...
Help for Animals Displaced By Fires
I was talking to one of the waitresses at Spectator's yesterday, and she has horses near Pine Creek.  Her truck and trailer were ready to go in case of an evacuation, but she didn't know where to take them.  I now have the answer for her, and anyone else in the same position!
Bridger Feeds Is Bozeman’s Animal Nutrition Provider
Dogs, cats, horses, birds, squirrels, chickens, fish, cows, goats, llamas, rabbits, sheep...
Visit Bridger Feeds' website to browse their huge selection of feeds.
Watch the video below for a video tour of the Bridger Feeds' business. Enter in the Bonus Code found in the video below for 1,000…

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