One of the complaints that I hear from folks living in Bozeman is that there could be more things to do. Well, as I always say "ask, and you shall receive." Just hear me out on this one.

Last week, we learned that there are some farm animals living on the streets here in Bozeman.  I should probably clarify that they aren't "homeless" in the sense that they're just walking around on their own, but they don't really have an actual address either.

If you haven't been by what some are calling "Camper's Row," you might not know about the little animal sideshow. The area we're talking about is right off of 19th Ave and just south of Cattail. Folks are living in campers, RVs, and in some cases their vehicles. There has been lots of discussion regarding the situation, but it took a turn last week when there was talk of farm animals.

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There was a horse and a goat—well, the horse is no longer there—however, as of a day or so ago, our goat friend is still hanging out. Oh, and here's something new; according to a thread on Reddit, the goat has a name. Apparently, the goat's name is Hector, which I'm assuming means it is a male goat, but who knows. It's 2022, maybe Hector identifies as something else.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

Hector seems to be well taken care of and looks like he enjoys hanging out.  He has a shelter, straw to lay on, and he is next to a field, so some grass to chew on as well. I mean, I'm no expert, but that seems like a pretty good deal for a goat, right?

Here's something to think about: maybe, just maybe, that is the solution to the housing problem. I mean, folks are living in these areas because they can't afford the high price of housing here in Bozeman, so what if we just continue to add farm animals and turn that area into a petting zoo?

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

The folks living over there could charge admission and maybe if enough people show up, afford a place to live here in town.  As ridiculous as that sounds, at least it's an idea and those seem hard to come by these days.

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