If you like Mexican food, give this place a try!

My family came to visit from Boise this weekend, and we were looking for a good place to have dinner. Due to it being homecoming weekend for Bozeman High School, every restaurant downtown was packed and had a 45 minute wait.

My father is not the type of person that likes to wait for food, so we kept going from place to place until we found a restaurant that didn't have a wait. What we stumbled upon was a new Mexican restaurant that I wasn't even aware existed until Saturday night.

Jesse James

The name of the restaurant is Toro, and it's apparently been open for awhile now in downtown Bozeman. I've walked by it many times and didn't even know it was there. I talked to one of the co-owners on Saturday night, and he said the food is best described as Mexican food with a twist. If you're looking for traditional Mexican food, this place isn't that. It's sort of like new age Mexican food.

First off, the interior design work is amazing. The dining room is filled with modern style padded chairs, and multiple beautiful chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. The service was extraordinary, and the food was great. If you're looking for a new restaurant experience in Bozeman, I would definitely recommend giving Toro a try.

Jesse James

Toro is located at 211 E. Main Street Suite 101 in downtown Bozeman.