I've always said that spicy type foods can help you lose weight.  I LOVE chili!  If I could, I'd eat chili everyday...of course Colleen wouldn't appreciate each morning! :) HA!  So if you want to check out the other ways to lose some weight...

You don't have to go on a diet to shed unwanted flab -- each of these tricks will take off one pound in less than a month:

  1. Eat chili -- People who gobble spicy foods are thinner than those who prefer a bland diet. Adding just half a chopped jalapeno pepper to your dinner will literally burn the fat off your body.
  2. Chew gum -- Research done at the Mayo Clinic proves that chewing sugar-free gum will take off a pound a month.
  3. Dance -- Boogie for half an hour four times a week and that unwanted poundage will just shuffle off out the door.
  4. Clean your house -- Household chores - sweeping, making the beds and the rest of the drill - is as effective a weight-loss strategy as hitting the gym for a grueling aerobic workout.
  5. Feast on protein -- Eating 200 calories of protein - the amount contained in a small can of tuna - will jump start your metabolism and take off the pounds.
  6. Don't eat in front of the TV -- A study by the journal Appetite found that people who dine with the tube on consume far more calories than people who don't. 

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