If you are like me, you are pretty much over the construction all over town. The good news is some of these projects are nearing an end, but some are still months out.

The Downtown Bozeman Partnership sent out an email update regarding what we can expect in the next couple of weeks, as far as construction downtown:

The project is very close to completion. The remaining excavations will be paved this week. City Streets will sweep up Main Street on Friday. There are a couple of remaining work items over the next two weeks: 

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It looks like we may have some of our roads back to normal in the near future. As far as some of the other road construction projects currently going on, there is a bit of a longer wait. For example, Baxter Lane is not going to be finished anytime soon.


To find out other road closures and construction plans, follow the link below. It's updated frequently and if you are like me, who didn't realize Baxter was gong to be closed for so long, it can be extremely helpful.


cc:  Downtown Bozeman Partnership

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