One of my favorite TV shows is Longmire, which stars Robert Taylor as sheriff Walt Longmire and is actually based on the 'Longmire Series' of books written by (can I say, my friend?) Craig Johnson. If you're ever lucky enough to come across Craig, you too will feel like you're friends with him immediately after meeting him. Be sure to check out our interview with Craig below.

For all of you other Longmire fans out there in the XL Nation, you'll be excited to know that the new season of Longmire is now available for streaming on Netflix! That's right, you can binge on the entire 10-episode 4th season in one weekend if you want to.

After the A&E network gave up on Longmire (despite record viewership), Netflix swooped in and produced another season. If you've never watched Longmire, its basically a modern day western that takes place in a small Wyoming town and centers around its sheriff, Walt Longmire. Watch one episode and I promise you will be hooked! I know already I will not be able to watch just one episode when I finally get time to sit down and get my Longmire fix!