I went to Bourbon over the weekend to check out Noah Nash and the Bigun's. They came up from Nashville for the weekend to perform late Saturday night at one of Montana's coolest venues. Not only do they have live music, but delicious barbeque. You have to check them out.

As they are performing, they told me that they were going to have one of the servers there sing a song. I was like "cool, I love local talent". Little did I know how extremely talented this girl was!

Her name is Savannah and she has one of the purest voices I have heard. It takes talent to be able to get up and perform with a band you have never played with AND sound this incredibly good.

Michael Buble should be so incredibly proud to have someone with Savannah's talent cover one of his top hits. I apologize for all the excited screaming in the background...but it was definitely for a good reason.

Singing is one of Savannah's many talents but I feel like we will be seeing and hearing more of this talented young lady. You can follow her socials here and send her the love and support she definitely deserves.

What do you guys think? Will she be our next rising star from right here in Bozeman? Where do we want to see her perform next?

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