Last week, the Livingston community came together to get an update on the City's Growth Policy. The new policy covers areas like the local economy, housing, land use, local services, population, public facilities, natural resources, transportation, intergovernmental coordination, policies and regulations, and more.

If you missed the meeting but would still like to share your opinion on future growth areas and the extra-territorial jurisdiction, you can do so using the button below. By taking the survey you will be helping to define what Livingston’s “Community Character” is going to be. The survey will be open until 7 pm on Wednesday, July 8.

What Exactly is a Growth Policy?

• Will serve as an integral land use planning guidance tool as the
community, including the 2-mile extraterritorial jurisdiction, grows
and develops.

• It is essential that the Growth Policy reflect the desires and needs of the community as well as the existing and future capacity of the city’s infrastructure, economy, and natural environment.

• The Growth Policy will name the best locations for growth and assist
the City with ensuring that development and investment occurs

If you would like to see the slides that were used at the meeting on June 16th, click on the button below.


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