Jennifer Nettles is embracing a makeup free look and encouraging other ladies to join her. After posting a makeup-free picture of herself on social media, the Sugarland member received criticism from online bullies who claimed she was nearly unrecognizable without her signature makeup. Rather than being shamed by online commenters, however Nettles chose to take a stand.

The songstress posted another makeup free photo of herself, captioning it: "Another scandalous picture of me without makeup in the morning. Apparently some folks who only see me on tv were quite taken aback yesterday. (And some were downright rude, as only social media can allow ;-) ). You are all beautiful and I'd challenge you all to post your own no make-up pics. Be comfy in your own skin. It's all we got ladies!"

Her authentic image received over 160K likes and 3K shares on Facebook. Thousands of women commented on Nettles' photo, praising her for standing up for natural beauty. In a world that often seems to revolve around a standardized ideal of beauty, it is refreshing and encouraging to see celebrities like Nettles standing up for down-to-earth, natural beauty. While the singer still has to don makeup for her shows, she clearly knows that true beauty comes from within, not from beauty products.

Nettles is staying busy this year with a host of activities and performances. She recently made her debut on Broadway, and she recorded a song with Jennifer Hudson for Oprah's network. To learn more about Nettles' upcoming performances, visit her website. 

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