Jennifer Nettles was clearly glowing from the countdown to her big wedding day when she filmed the ‘CMA Country Christmas’ special! The Sugarland singer hosted this year’s holiday event by bringing warm yuletide cheer to the crowd — and by wearing festive (may we say daring?) outfits at the show.

For someone who has such a cute, svelte figure, you’d think she’d wear gowns with over-the-top sequins and long trains. But Nettles apparently wanted to save that for the big day, instead mostly wearing pantsuits and two-piece sets. Honestly, most people wouldn’t be able to pull it off, but Nettles — with her quirky personality — somehow made a ruffle coattails skirt over pants work. “She’s more comfortable performing in pants,” her stylist Gillian Steinhardt told PEOPLE. “So we wanted an opportunity to dress up in ways she’s not normally seen.”

She did just that in her first outfit, a red sequined bustier with long coattails, leggings and a silver top hat. We could have done without the top hat, but again, she looked cuter in it than any other country star could have at the show.

Other ensembles included a lovely flowing Givenchy blouse (doesn’t she look good in red?) with black polka dot pants. We actually dug the tuxedo outfit: a sheer black blouse with a white bib paired with black slacks and a silver sequined blazer.

But don’t get us wrong, our favorites were the dresses — a gold short number that showed off her gams and a long gown made of reflective fish-like scales and a plunging neckline.

Check out of her outfits in these pictures. We want to know: Which one is your favorite?

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