When Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland made her first post-baby appearance at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards, fans were amazed to see how fit and trim she looked just months after delivering son Magnus. What is her secret to getting back in shape? Nettles shared her four-step plan with fans at her personal website.

It came down to genetics, breastfeeding, exercise and nutrition. In a journal entry, Nettles says she's opening up because the reaction to her bod concerned her. "While everyone was very positive in their comments to me, they weren't always as positive about themselves and their own body image," the singer reveals. "I have such a problem with that and want to address a few things."

Genetics is self-explanatory, but Nettles explains how breastfeeding burns 500 calories a day. Exercise and nutrition came next, with the singer spilling that she began to walk two months after Magnus was born in December, and began working with a trainer the next month. She goes on to explain her nutrition choices and make recommendations for other women struggling to shed the weight after delivering a baby.

Fans are sure to be seeing more of Nettles in the coming months, as she plans to release her first solo album in the fall. The project doesn't mean the end of Sugarland, she insits. It's just a chance to make something more intimate and personal than she's been able to do writing with Kristian Bush.

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