Montana has become a popular destination for a variety of film projects in recent years, and now that the writer's strike is over, things are starting to pick back up in the Treasure State.

Yellowstone Film Ranch
Yellowstone Film Ranch

Yellowstone on the Paramount Network was one of the first major productions to relocate to Montana in recent years, and much of the filming for the 1883 spinoff took place in and around Butte. In the past couple of years, several different movies have been filmed in Montana, including Butcher's Crossing starring Nicholas Cage.

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Whether you like it or not, Montana is on the map, and it's safe to assume that more movies and TV shows will be filmed in the state in the future. Recently, famous actor Samuel L. Jackson was spotted having dinner at a Bozeman restaurant, and we just found out why he's hanging out in Montana.

Yellowstone Film Ranch - Montana

Why is Samuel L. Jackson Hanging Out in Montana?

According to Deadline, Jackson has been cast in a new western movie that will begin filming soon in Montana. The movie, titled Unholy Trinity also stars big names including Pierce Brosnan and Brandon Lessard. Here's a brief description of the movie.

Described as a tale of revenge, dark secrets, and buried treasures, the film is set against the turbulent backdrop of 1870s Montana.

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Unholy Trinity is filming at the Yellowstone Film Ranch in the Paradise Valley south of Livingston. Production of the new movie is expected to start soon and has been approved by SAG-AFTRA under an interim agreement. Unholy Trinity will be released in 2024, and with such a star-studded cast, we can't wait to watch it.

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