We have all heard about AI and some are ready for it, and some are not so welcoming and I can see how differing opinions regarding AI can be loved and hated equally.

It seems like the main concerns for AI is the worry of it taking over our jobs, essentially putting several of us unemployed. The question is, in Montana, what jobs are more at risk than others?

Bet Kentucky analyzed the top jobs in Montana that are at risk of losing employees and being taken over due to AI. Here are the top 3 jobs from their analytics.

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Here are Montana's most common jobs (based on number of employees) that are at risk of getting replaced by AI:


Office Clerks. There are currently over 11,000 of these positions in Montana with an average salary of $36,890 per year and AI take over percentage of 100.

Accounting, Auditing Clerks, and Bookkeeping Positions. Right now there are 8,330 employees doing these positions, they are taking home an average of $37,370 per year and the chances of AI eventually taking over this position is 100%.

Laborers and Freight, Material Movers, and Stocker. With under 4,000 currently employed in this profession, an average yearly salary of $30,770, it seems as though the risk of an AI take over is 100% as well.


For me, it just seems like there are certain jobs that I can't imagine AI doing. Such as any physically demanding trade. I mean, how is AI going to measure twice and cut once? Maybe it will just not need to measure twice like the rest of us normal people?

If you want to see the full Top Ten List of Montana's most common jobs that are at risk of getting replaced by AI, just tap the link below. Is your profession at risk?


CC: Bet Kentucky 

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