Montana is an appealing state to a lot of people. We have been a popular destination for people to move to for the past few years. There have been reports about the state's growth. According to reports Montana was the number one move to location during Covid. 

A Piece of Montana Land For Sale You Have To See

For a lot of people in Montana trying to find a piece of affordable land to call their own is a dream come true. Recently a video, about a piece of Montana land for sale, came across my social media feed, and it seemed incredible. When I saw the video, it had over 272 thousand likes. It includes 180 acres of Montana land with a creek running through it for "60k". You can see the video below.



There Is More Video Of This Montana Land For Sale

Searching on Youtube there is another longer, more detailed video of the Montana land from the company Landio. They have over 140,000 subscribers to their Youtube channel and the video below has been viewed over 30,000 times in one day.

The Description Of The Montana Land

According to they describe the land as "Bordering BLM Land". They go on to describe the land:

The nickname Big Sky Country perfectly fits this 180+/- Acre Property featuring pristine Montana rangeland with live water. Even better, it borders 640 acres of beautiful BLM land along the southern boundary... Rattlesnake Creek winds diagonally across the central portion of the property. For the hunter or rancher envisioning life off the grid, imagine building a home or cabin atop the ravine overlooking the creek and Montana's rugged plains beyond.

The land is located in Rosebud County just over 50 miles away from Roundup, Montana. The description also describes the wildlife available "trophy elk, antelope, and mule deer".

If You Are Interested in Buying This Montana Land, You Should Act Fast

With the amount of people that have viewed the videos of this piece of property, if you are interested in purchasing it you will probably have to act fast.

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