Montana Restaurants Featured On "Man v. Food"

Reality TV is kind of fast food for the brain. There isn't much to think about and it really isn't all that great for you.

However, if there is one genre of reality TV I do enjoy though, it's reality TV centered around food.

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Man v. Food staring Adam Richman ran for 4 seasons on the Travel Channel starting in 2008.

Television critic, Alan Sepinwall, once said about the show,

It ain't deep, and it certainly ain't healthy (I could feel my arteries clog just from watching), but it's fun.

For those that don't know the premise of the show, Adam would travel to a restaurant that had a eating challenge and then would take on the challenge himself.

Think John Candy in the movie "The Great Outdoors" eating The Old '96er steak.


Man v Food Returns With A New Host

While Man v. Food with the original host, Adam Richman, only lasted four seasons, the Travel Channel brought it back in 2017 with a new host, Casey Webb.

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The show has now moved over to the Cooking Channel, and aired the last new episode on Nov 8th 2022.

No word yet on if the show is coming back for an 11th Season anytime soon.

If the show does return with new episodes we'd love to see Casey come back to the Big Sky state.

For now though, lets just remember the times when both Adam and Casey ate some of the biggest food creations in Montana.

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