Hunting is a way of life here in Montana and the surrounding states.  Not only is it a fantastic opportunity to get out into nature, but it also provides food for the family, while helping with conservation.

Having said that, can you imagine this?

You're out hunting, just you and nature. You decide to take a shortcut from one area to another and when you do, you discover something that's been missing for over 50 years.

That's exactly what happened to an Idaho Bow hunter when he not only solved a decades-long mystery but brought closure to a family that had been seeking it for decades as well.


Back on September, 7th 1968, 39-year-old Raymond James went bow hunting for mountain goat in Idaho's Lemhi County and was never seen again.  Of course, there was a search for James, but after several days and bad weather, the search was called off, leaving the James family to wonder.

Well, they don't have to wonder any longer because a little over a week ago,  the Lemhi County Sheriffs Department received a call from another bowhunter who was taking a shortcut and stumbled across the deceased hunters remains.

The Sheriffs Department released a statement that they found Raymond James ID in a wallet that was found with the remains. The family has been contacted, including Raymond's wife, who is still living and can now have closure after 50 plus years of wondering "what happened?"

Raymond would've been 92 if still alive today.

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