With area school campus' shut down due to concerns of COVID-19 the school buildings are left empty and the principals and staff are taking this opportunity to show off their dance skills. Watch below as HRDC's Early Childhood Education staff in Belgrade team up and show off some happy moves.

The #DancingPrincipal challenge all started when Eric Fisher, the principal at Manhattan Middle School, released a video and challenged local principals. Many of the area principals have been following suit and accepting the challenge. Keep scrolling to see the other local principals who have answered the challenge in the videos below.

Watch below as Saddle Peak Elementary Principal, Patrick Cates, shows off his dance skills to "Ice Ice Baby."

Watch below as Jennifer Westphal, principal at Irving Elementary, dances to "Uptown Funk" for the #DancingPrincipal challenge.

Principal Theresa Keel from Gallatin Gateway School has answered the principal video challenge. You can watch her dance and even see the Gator mascot dance in the video below.

Watch below as Eric Fisher, Neil Harvey, and Jason Slater, the principals from Manhattan Elementary, Middle, and High School join together in the #DancingPrincipal challenge.

Scott McDowell, the Anderson School District Superintendent, answered the #DancingPrincipal challenge to the song "Nobody But Me" and even skateboards in the video below.

Watch below as Monforton School Principals, Joe Hagemeister, Laura Axtman, and Darren Strauch, team up for a video.

Watch Eric Fisher, the principal at Manhattan High School, with his latest moves to the song "Footloose" in the video below.

Below see Paul Lamb's, Belgrade High School Principal, #DancingPrincipal video - and watch as he has to go clean everything he's touched!

Watch the video below as Jeff Elliot, Three Forks superintendent, dances to *NSYNC's "I Want You Back."

Eric Fisher, the principal at Manhattan High School, shows off his awesome dance moves in the original video below.

Watch below as Brian Ayers, principal of Chief Joseph Middle School, dances through an empty school complete with a wig and muck boots.

Bozeman High School Principal, Dan Mills, has answered the principal video challenge. You can watch his video below.

Darren Schlepp, principal of Morning Star Elementary, answered the #DancingPrincipal challenge and he shows off his dance moves throughout the school, on the roof, and then as a gorilla in the video below or by clicking here.




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