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Even if you didn't grow up on a ranch in Montana, chances are you're like me, and some of your best memories are hanging out at a friend's ranch, or visiting your cousins at their ranch. If you're really lucky, you got to take part in a branding.

Chances are you've also probably noticed some pretty cool cattle brands from time to time. Check out this cattle brand that is coming up for auction later this month. It is a heart-shaped cattle brand that has been in one family all the way back since it was first registered in 1873.

I had a friend point me to a photograph shared by Rick Young, one of Montana's great auctioneers. The photograph shows a heart-shaped brand that will actually be available via auction coming up on November 21, 2020 in Joliet, Montana.

Credit Credit Rick Young
Credit Credit Rick Young

As you can see, the brand was first registered to O.C. Whitney of Ennis, Montana on February 10, 1873.

Rick Young tells me that one-iron brands like this rarely come up for auction. He says most of the one-iron brands he sees advertised for private treaty sale are asking between $10,000 and $15,000.

But with such a unique brand such as though, could it go for even more? We'll soon find out.

Here are the auction details:


From Rockvale go South on Hwy. 310  .2 mile


As you can tell by Rick Young's website, there's plenty more up for auction as well. They'll have a lifetime collection of toys, shop tools, vehicles, trailers, and antiques.

By the way, did you know the Montana Historical Society helped create a website that shows historic Montana livestock brands? If you click here, you can actually see the handwritten notes from when the brand was first recorded back in 1873.

Interested in more history on livestock branding? Here's a piece posted by The Smithsonian Magazine. The National Cowboy Museum also has a history of branding video you can watch below.



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