Get the kiddos ready for one heck of a show! Cirque Ma'Ceo is making its way to Bozeman! August 13-15 at The Gallatin County Fair Grounds, you will have the chance to see one of the rarest breeds in the world. With only 500 left in the world, you will see the famous “Ben Hur de Bernaville” a Boulonnais Draft Horse Stallion. From acrobatic feats, aerial dancing, and exotic horses, this show that will definitely WOW the whole family!

Cirque Ma'Ceo is a theatrical show you wont want to miss! You can enjoy the custom designed Italian Big Top Theatre and show that is emotionally charging for everyone! They have traveled all of the United States and Canada to show off the brilliance of the almost extinct equine breed. The talent and beauty that these animals show off is fascinating. The brilliance of the artists working with them shows the bond and trust between the animals and the talent. From jumps and leaps to daredevil Cossack riding you will surely be entertained! The nail biting, sitting on the edge of your seat entertainment will not disappoint! Enjoy the acrobats of balancing on the back of the these beautiful equine creatures with the whole family.

Photo by Lucia Macedo on Unsplash
Photo by Lucia Macedo on Unsplash

Tickets are available a couple of different ways, you can click here and purchase them off the official website OR you can click here and purchase them under the event tab.

Don't miss out on this world known Cirque Ma'Ceo Equine Show! We will see you there!

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