Dave & Amy on the XL Morning Show are giving away a pair of front row tickets to the Eric Church show on March 22, 2017. Here's what XL Country listeners have said they would do for the front row tickets:

  • Hold a sign somewhere in Bozeman
  • Clean our XL Ram with a toothbrush
  • Lick Jessie's feet for an entire Eric Church song
  • Stand on a busy corner in a bikini and hand out donuts
  • Donate money to St. Jude
  • Do 100 Burpies
  • Where their bra & underwear outside their clothes
  • Have their legs waxed on the air\
  • Sing an Eric Church song
  • Lip sync & dance on a busy corner to an Eric Church song
  • Give everyone at the radio station a Free massage
  • Eat an entire jar of pickled eggs on the air
  • Bring their horse to the XL studio and dress up to look like Eric Church
  • Buy a dog bead for every dog at the Heart of the Valley Animal Shelter
  • Give us foot massages
  • Sing the Eric Church song "Springsteen" while standing on their hear
  • Tatoo the lyrics of an Eric Church song on their body
  • Tatoo their fingers or toes
  • Dress up as a Griz Fan and let us pelt them with eggs
  • Show up at a Griz game dressed in Bobcat gear (not the Cat/Griz game)

What would you do for front row tickets to Eric Church? You have to email us or call Dave & Amy during the morning show at 582-1061 before 8am Wednesday morning (Sept 14) and let them know. You also have to be available on Friday morning from 7a - 8:30a to do whatever you said you would do.

It's for front row tickets to see Eric Church, people! This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience!