Over 60 big trucks from local companies all over the Gallatin Valley got together on Saturday for a Christmas Convoy through the neighborhoods of Belgrade. The event was the brainchild of the Belgrade Community Coalition, who was looking for an alternative to the Festival of Lights, which was canceled because of COVID-19.

Their answer was to hold the Belgrade Christmas Convoy that included big trucks all decorated for Christmas driving through a 7-mile stretch of Belgrade. And judging by the response on social media, most people hope the Belgrade Christmas Convoy becomes a yearly event.

Ben Goertzen of Red Yetti Productions shot some amazing video from a helicopter to capture what the Christmas Convoy looked like from up above.

The first-ever Christmas Convoy was all over social media over the weekend. Here's just a few of the comments we received on the XL Country Facebook page:

"Absolutely loved this! The trucks had amazing decorations and Christmas music playing. So much fun to watch. Thank you!"- Janice

"So great!! Huge shout out to Belgrade, Manhattan and Three Forks for making things happen this holiday season! Whether it was Christmas Stroll or Christmas Convoy, you all brought happiness to your community!" - Tina

"This was great! I hope it becomes a tradition!"- Melanie

"Great job Belgrade Community Coalition and thank you to all that participated! It was fantastic!" - Ladeen

Here's some pics we took when the Christmas Convoy rolled through the Meadowlark subdivision.

2020 Belgreade Christmas Convoy

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