School shopping has arrived and considering I am the mom of a teenage boy, I am grateful at this point, at least when it comes to clothes shopping! My coworker made fun of some jeans I picked up at one of our wonderful local thrift stores. He called them bell-bottoms and told me to not wear them ever again. NEWSFLASH, Mr. Coworker, bell-bottom jeans are totally in this year!

I was looking for jeans for my kiddo online, he is skinny-waisted with long legs, so his size is hard to find in stores. With that being the most difficult part of school shopping, I will gladly accept the challenge. As I am online I see some things pop up discussing "girls school fashion must-haves". Hold on one minute, I used to wear almost all of these things! Some of the items on these lists I had never heard of, let alone, could hardly picture what they looked like.

The things I did know:
Crop Tops
White Sneakers (FILA's were super cool in the early 90's, so at least I know I was fashionable at one point in life.)
Bike Shorts (I call this spandex, but I supposed you do wear them biking)
Mom Jeans (We know my input on this)

Photo by Joshua Rondeau on Unsplash
Photo by Joshua Rondeau on Unsplash

Things I had to look up:
Minimalistic College Backpack (I have a hard time even pronouncing this)
Ruched Midi Dress (I had to ask a local boutique what this was)
Glowing Sneakers (I remember a daycare kid having these light-up beauties, but not teenagers)

Photo by Ben Weber on Unsplash
Photo by Ben Weber on Unsplash

The moral of the story, I am so incredibly behind on fashion. Not only for myself but if I were to have a teenage daughter, my life would be a tornado. Kudos to everyone who knows what all these fashion must-haves are, especially if you have a teenage daughter who is fashion-forward!

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