Some folks can't help but be starstruck when it comes to celebrities. From movie stars to singers to athletes, America certainly has an addiction to the rich and famous.

Of course, here in Montana, we certainly have our share of rich and famous. While a few might live here full time, most just have 2nd or 3rd homes here and come to visit a few times a year. Most of the time, they will stay in their "compounds," but occasionally, they will venture into town, there will be a sighting that gets posted on social media, and people will freak out.

Then there are those times that the celebrities themselves will actually share the photo, hence the case with two famous sideline and sports reporters who just happen to be BFFs.

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If you're a fan of the NFL or the ABC show Dancing With The Stars, you are certainly familiar with Erin Andrews.  Andrews, who was a long-time co-host of the dancing show and has been a sideline reporter for the NFL on Fox for many years, apparently has a place here in Montana.

Robert Daly
Robert Daly

Now, before anyone jumps on my case, keep in mind that I am certainly not a fashion guru and I'm sure those shirts cost more than all the clothes in my closet combined. They both were clearly blessed with far superior genes than I was. It's just that I've never seen normal everyday Montanans wear anything like that.

So, am I out of the loop? Is this more trendy than I realize?  Keep in mind that I'm the type of guy that thinks there are only 3 types of jeans for dudes. Levi, Wrangler, and in my case, Husky.

Listen, I freely admit that I could totally be missing the mark here, so let me ask you, am I?

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