HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONTANA! Today we celebrate this beautiful state and turning 132 years old today! So many things have happened here in Montana. Let's talk about it! Facts about Montana:

Montana is the 4th largest state in the nation, which is super cool and is part of the reason we have so many scenic drives.

Montana has the largest Grizzley bear population in the lower 48.

In Montana, it is a felony to open your husband's mail...weird right?? HERE is a list of a bunch of weird state laws.

Phil Jackson, Dana Carvey, and Gary Cooper just to name a couple, are from Montana. You can see a few more HERE.

Photo by David Morris on Unsplash
Photo by David Morris on Unsplash

One not-so-fun thing about Montana is murder, HERE are four famous homicides from Montana. A couple of names you may recognize.

The oldest town in our beautiful state is Stevensville! With a little over 2,000 people, Stevensville is in the Bitterroot Valley.

Bozeman is growing more and more every day, especially in the last couple of years, gaining almost 30 thousand in population. With that population increase, you may see come of THESE celebrities.

Things Montana is missing out on...a fruit. Montana does not have a state fruit, which is rather sad. Why can we not have Flat Cherries as our state fruit? Also, I have reached out to Orea and suggested they make a Huckleberry Oreo, they said no. So I tried Montana, I really did.

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