There is a new grocery store making it's way to Bozeman and it's not Trader Joes...

The Bozeman Real Estate Group released the following on their official website.

Plans have been approved by the city for a new grocery store to be built near Bozeman High School. The plans show a 22,000 sq.ft grocery store on a 2.37-acre section of the 25-acre shopping center on W. Main Street and N 15th Avenue.

The grocery store will be located at the northeast corner of the shopping center, next to Harbor Freight. According to city documents, the applicant purchased land from the shopping center to create a separate parking lot for the store.


We were unable to get official confirmation of what the grocery store will be, but the original plans submitted to the city refer to the store as Smart Foods Bozeman. Smart Foods is an independent and employee-owned grocery retailer with locations in Oregon and Northern California.


One interesting thing to note is that the build site is located within a “Brownfield” Solvent Site Zone after the operation of a dry cleaning business in the 60's and 70's leaked cleaning solvents into the soil and groundwater.

Now, the site is subject to continuous groundwater monitoring and the final approval of the project is contingent upon a work plan from the City’s environmental consultant. -Bozeman Real Estate Group

Mostly based in Oregon and California, Bozeman will be the first Montana location for the chain. We will keep you updated as more information is released.

cc: Bozeman Real Estate Group

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