We live for this stuff. Montana State University is taking your suggestions to rename the student sections on campus. They don't want us to "overthink it" but come ON - this is one of those opportunities for insanely funny and creative names.

Now, we all know that the new name that is ultimately chosen by Montana State will probably be simple, safe, and peppy. There's nothing wrong with that. However, I'm incredibly eager to see what we can brainstorm. As long as the suggestions are not offensive, I'm all for ultimate creativity.

Montana State University announced the call for suggestions via the Montana State Bobcats Twitter feed. It's a simple invitation with no elaborate rules or restrictions which means 'game on' to me! You can send your "New Student Section Name Suggestion" to: msustudentsection@gmail.com

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It's a little unclear which 'student section' they're going to rename - in Bobcat stadium or the Fieldhouse, or both. It might be a blanket term going forward for all the student sections at games and events. We're not sure just yet, but who cares. This is about FUN.

(For reference, the south side of Bobcat Stadium is where the student section is located. Specifically, it's sections 119, 120, 121, and the lower section that lines that south end zone.) The pictures that MSU used in their tweet to promote the renaming ALSO had pictures from inside the Fieldhouse so...we're not sure.

credit: Montana State
credit: Montana State

According to Wikipedia, 2022 was an attendance record breaker. With renovations, expansions, and added offices, Bobcat Stadium is truly a gem on the Montana State University campus:

The (attendance) record was further broken twice during the 2022 season, first in the season opener vs. McNeese State on September 4, then again in season finale against archrival Montana, when 22,047 attended the Brawl of the Wild with College GameDay also in town.

So let's do this, Montana. There are so many Bobcats across the state, I'm hoping that the winning name (whatever it ends up being) comes from a Montana State graduate. In that email address above, I'd definitely mention if you're and alum and include your contact information.

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