I'm freaking out a little bit and that takes a lot. One of the most well-liked Formula 1 drivers on the grid is currently vacationing in Montana and I'd love to meet him.

Daniel Ricciardo is a famous F1 driver but also seems to be a genuinely happy and pleasant individual—the kind of athlete you'd want your kids to meet. Hell, I'd like to meet the guy too, and this week might be our chance as he's vacationing in Montana during the Formula 1 summer break.

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Daniel is currently a driver for the McLaren Formula One team alongside his teammate, Lando Norris. The 33 year old Australian is 15th in the driver's standings, and at the moment his future seat is unclear. There have been many conversations in recent weeks about who he'll be driving for in the coming year. (Driver and team changes are quite common and talented drivers like Daniel usually end up driving for several different F1 teams over the course of their careers.

He's the kind of guy you'd like to party with in the off season. Other drivers on the grid respect him and you can find funny videos of him and his teammates over the years doing weird stuff. He's the jokester of the group.

One thing you should know about Daniel, is that whenever he's won a race, he'll do a "shoey" on the podium. Many a respected broadcaster has been pressured into doing one as well. As much as I'd like to hang with him, there's no amount of money that would get me to participate in THAT celebration. (Formula 1 does not allow their videos to be shared so you'll have to Google that one on your own.)

Daniel and his crew spent a day biking in Glacier National park. Looks like they had a great time. They did some local shopping for western-wear, but my favorite part was when they screamed like little girls after jumping into a cold creek.

So Daniel, if you make it down to Bozeman...please reach out and we'll make sure you see even more of this great state. You've got many fans in these parts, myself included. Cheers, and good on ya, Honey Badger. Enjoy your vacation in Big Sky Country.

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