Darn those Facebook Memories!

Sometimes they pop up when you least expect it and can completely stop you in your tracks.  That's what happened to me when photos of my Mom popped up from a few years back.

My Mother was the best.  She thought everyone was her friend and treated each person she met with kindness and respect. I used to get so frustrated with her and tell her that not everyone was her friend.  She would dismiss me and say "Yes they are."

She never knew a stranger.  She would talk to anyone like they'd be friends for years.  As a teenager and even into my 20's, I can't begin to explain how embarrassing this was.  When I tried to explain to her that I was an adult and that her interfering in my life wasn't appropriate.  Her response? "I'm your Mother and I always will be."

Mom, Dad and Me

Mom died last Halloween from complications of Covid-19.

Once she passed, I knew that I could go wherever I wanted and she would have wanted that.  Where I wanted to be was in Montana.  She would love Bozeman and would've made me go with her to every single shop downtown, something that as a kid I hated, but learned to appreciate as an adult.  You realize that it's about time and that we only have so much.

My Mom and My Wife

Every single day you can either choose to do something that will uplift yourself and others, or you can choose not to.  As I sat in the ICU holding my Mom's hand one last time, I realized that she had been right all along. She was everyone's friend and everyone that came in contact with her was better for it. My Mom would never give up on anyone, no matter what they did. She was still teaching me lessons.

I miss those lessons and I miss her, I hope to be just like her when I grow up.

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