Like millions of Americans who watched President Obama’s State of the Union address on Tuesday night, the Eli Young Band paid close attention to the details of his message — at least for as long as they could before likely toppling over. A recent tweet from the band indicates they made a drinking game out of the 65-minute long speech.

“We are playing a State of the Union drinking game: drinking every time Obama gets a round of applause #SOTU #gettindrunkfast,” they tweeted last night. According to the Iowa Republican, the President was interrupted 60 times during his speech. That’s almost a drink every minute! Glad to hear they at least were tuned into the speech, how much they remember from it is still in question.

The band is currently on the road, heading through West Palm Beach, Fla. and Atlanta, Ga. before dates through America’s heartland. They recently celebrated their No. 1 hit ‘Crazy Girl’ at a party in Nashville. ‘Even if It Breaks Your Heart’ is their second single from their ‘Life At Best’ album.