Even though they haven't opened Christmas presents or celebrated New Year's yet, the Eli Young Band guys already have big plans for 2013. Not only will the band set out to tour with Kenny Chesney next year, they also plan to make time for the studio.

It doesn't get much better than playing stadiums with Chesney, and while EYB are good enough to play for packed crowds, that doesn't mean they aren't nervous about the big tour.

"It's just kind of a daunting task to think about, ya know?" James Young said when SheKnows interviewed the band after the American Country Awards. "It's gonna be great. We couldn't ask for a bigger, better tour."

The foursome have been playing tunes from their hit 2011 album 'Life at Best' for a while now. While chart-toppers like 'Even if It Breaks Your Heart' and 'Crazy Girl' continue to be popular, the guys are ready to make some new music.

"We just went and started the very beginning of pre-production for this record," Jon Jones shares. "So, it's a bunch of new songs that we've written and we're really excited about the direction they're going."

Some artists try to change up their sound by their second or third album, but EYB plan to stick with the organic country sound that made them famous. After all, if it ain't broke, why fix it?

"We've always tried to get, you know, a band sound," Jones says. "We like to go out and have a real organic vibe."

"We're taking the reins a little more on this one," Chris Thompson chimed in. "Any time you can put your own lyrics to music and see how it turns out in the studio, that's an amazing feeling."

Sounds like 2013 is going to be a top-notch year for Eli Young Band -- and for their fans, too.

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