Livingston's 3rd Annual Tap into Montana Brew Fest has been going on all week. There have been many activities this week, and this upcoming weekend will be no different.

Sean Murphy

On Sunday, April 9th, Neptune's Brewery in Livingston will be hosting "Kegs & Eggs." They will be opening early at 10:00AM on Sunday,  and will have a breakfast buffet complete eggs, bacon, and beer-mosas, beer-mary's, and lots of beer. If you aren't ready to start drinking that early, they will also have kombucha, orange juice, and coffee.

What: Kegs & Eggs

Where: Neptune's Brewery. Livingston, MT

When: Sunday, April 9th beginning at 10:00AM. Breakfast ends at noon and they will return to their normal menu

Why: To Celebrate the Tap into Montana Brewfest

Cost: Breakfast buffet is $12.

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