You never know what will make you famous. For Devin Dawson, it was participating in a mashup of Taylor Swift songs on YouTube which went viral. Devin will be joining us for Headwaters Country Jam next Saturday, June 16th, but you can get to know Devin a little more up-close-and-personal this Wednesday on Taste of Country Nights. He'll talk about his new music, meeting Nicole Kidman for the first time, and more.

Dierks Bentley, nervous? Yes! His new album The Mountain comes out this Friday, and it's got a lot of bluegrass on it. He hopes his fans like it. But of course they will, it's about his fans. Dierks spent some time listening to their stories, and turned some of them into songs. It works out nicely that Dierks is on Taste of Country Nights with Sam Alex on Friday as well, to share details on family life, touring and the new project.
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