Now bear with me for a minute. I am finally accepting the fact that mom jeans and crop tops are here to stay for a while, bell bottoms are coming back, and 90s fashion is rushing through the states to top the fashion charts. Lately, I have noticed something else. Something new. Something...awkward. Now, ladies, I could be totally wrong about this, but why are men wearing cut-off daisy dukes? What did I miss?

As I was at an event in the last day or two, I swear I saw at least 20 guys wearing short shorts. Like so short I could see their...boxers underneath. I often wondered if they had borrowed them from the girlfriend they were with. But to continuously see them, I quickly realized, "Nope, they totally wore those shorts on their own!". I did have to ask a few other females as they were walking past, all of us a bit confused about the new fashion trend. I may just be jealous because some of these guys had better caves, better tans, and better thighs than I do. Either way, I am not a fan of the "jorts" or jean shorts.

Perhaps this is just a fad. Or maybe it's not, regardless, I highly doubt my teenage son will be sporting this new trend anytime soon. Plus I would be so incredibly mad if he were to cut ANY of his jeans to make himself some homemade "daisy dukes".

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