Well, this could be a bummer for the next few months, but we will have to wait and see how it truly affects the movie theater. 

Over the past few months, I have been enjoying going to the movie theater every week and seeing brand new movies that have either been delayed for a year because of COVID-19 or they were planned out to be released around this time. The thing is, the movie theater has been packed with movie-goers who have missed the movie theater experience. 

The movie theater has seen huge movies such as Spider-Man: No Way HomeGhostbusters AfterlifeDune, and others in the past four months with huge success. People have been flocking to the movie theater, but with the rise in COVID cases thanks to the Omicron variant the movie theater might have some problems in the next couple of months. 

Big movies that were supposed to come out like Morbius, John Wick 4, The Batman, and other big profile films that were supposed to come out in the upcoming weeks have gotten delayed months or even another year. 

With these delays till late spring or early summer, could we see a shutdown of the Regal Theaters here in Bozeman? I don't think so. There are still some movies that are currently scheduled to come out that can still bring people to the theater. The thing is, it might not be as busy as in recent weeks. 

We will have to keep an eye on COVID cases here in Gallatin County to see if that affects businesses locally and if there are any further delays of big tentpole films. 

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