Montana winters can be brutal but are the harsh conditions enough to make those that recently moved here pack their belongings and head back home?

If you moved to Montana from a place with a warmer climate, adapting to the harsh winter conditions can be difficult. Many longtime residents hope that the cold winter ahead will force some newcomers to move back where they came from.

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Montana winters are unforgiving, but they are a way of life for many that reside in the state. A lot of roads become sheets of ice during the winter, but that doesn't stop most Montanans from going to work, and school rarely gets cancelled regardless of how much snow is on the ground.

Truck and home covered in deep snow during a blizzard.

Montanans understand the importance of wearing multiple layers of clothing to battle the harsh winter temperatures.

Many Montana residents aren't too happy about the influx of out-of-staters moving here and think that the new residents are going to change Montana. I get it, a lot of people take tremendous pride in the fact that they were born here.

So, will Montana's long harsh winter make out-of-staters rethink their decision to move to Montana? Unfortunately, that's mostly wishful thinking. Let's face it. Most of the rich people buying up land and homes in Montana probably have a winter home somewhere else. They don't have to deal with their nose hairs sticking together when they try to breathe. Hopefully, I'm wrong, but I feel like trying to stop people from moving to Montana is a lost cause.

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