Regularly on the XL Morning Show, we give shout outs to local Marines when they finish up boot camp. This year has been a little bit different, so we want to extend an extra congratulations to the local area Marines who completed and graduated boot camp in 2020.

These Marines are from all over the area including Bozeman, Belgrade, Ennis, and Livingston.

Congratulations to Our Local 2020 U.S. Marines

In addition to the brave Marines that are pictured above, here are two recruits that will be  graduating on December 30th:

  • PVT Quintyn Vandewalle from Bozeman, MT.
  • PVT Wyatt Fredson from Ennis, MT.

The Marines are very close to my heart since my father served as a Marine during the Cold War. The United States Marine Corps has a proud history starting in 1775 during the Revolutionary War. These brave men and women serve on U.S. Navy ships, protect naval bases, guard American embassies, and provide a strong force of protection all over the world.

If you are interested in enlisting, please contact Sargent David Gottlieb at his office located in the Gallatin Valley Mall, on his office line at (406) 587-3081, on his work cell at (406) 671-1099, via email by using the button below.

Recruiting is the lifeblood of the Corps. The legacy of the Marine Corps is to 'Make Marines, Win Battles, and Return Quality Citizens.' Citizens, once transformed, will be Marines for life. As such, we are dedicated to recruiting high-quality men and women of character to meet the needs of our Corps and the nation and who are representative of the people we serve. We are known for our high standards, strong work ethic, and commitment to work as a team to accomplish the mission.

as stated by Marine Corps Recruiting Bozeman on Facebook.


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