Photo Courtesy of Carrie Lambert
Photo Courtesy of Carrie Lambert

XL Country and Kenyon Noble teamed up for Father's Day to give Dad a new grill from Traeger.  We asked XL Nation to share a favorite or special moment with your dad in over 200 words.  We hope this weekend for Father's Day you had a chance to reminisce about the special times with your Dad and make some new memories!

There were incredible stories and some great times that XL Nation shared with us. But there was one that stood above the rest, Carrie Lambert's story.  Congrats to Carrie Lambert who won the Traeger grill from Kenyon Noble and was making good use of it with her husband for Father's Day.  Read her story below.

It's been many years. . .  but I still remember my family giving my Dad his first gas grill for his Birthday. He said ok kid. . .  let's put this Barbecue together!
Tonight we will grill some good meat!

So we took several hours to put this huge grill together. . . then just before we started to put the meat on the grill. . . my Dad said he didn't feel good and needed to lay down for a few minutes.

My dad had been a heart patient for years. . . but had been doing great! I went to check on him as he'd been resting 15 to 20 minutes.

He looked very pail and almost lifeless. . .

He took my hand and said thank you for today and a wonderful Birthday! Take good care of my new BBQ.  I love you always!

Then he had a massive heart attack! We had called 911. . . but we lived in the foothills 30 minutes from town. They landed a life flight at our small community school but paramedics were unable to revive him!

After working on him for almost an hour. . . he was gone! I kept his grill for many year's and thought of our special day every time we would BBQ.

To this day. . . I still think of him while I BBQ and smile. . . thinking how lucky I was to have such an amazing BEAUTIFUL DAD!

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