I realize that we are in the "Dog Days of Summer" and with the record high temps we've all been dealing with, skiing might be one of the last things on our minds. However, the season will open before we know it, and you could save yourself some serious money if you plan ahead.

Bridger Bowl is offering their new Locals Pass and the quicker you act, the more money you'll save.

While there are several different packages for folks, the local pass is perfect for people living here in Bozeman, and the savings are pretty significant. If you buy an adult pass prior to August 1st, you will save yourself 150 bucks off the normal price. There is a price increase on the 1st, and another one starting November 1st. You also save money when you buy a Junior or Child pass. Plus, there are some different combo options available, such as a family package.

Winter fun, skiing - happy family ski team

There are some black out dates on some of the busier weekends, but you can find all of that information and a ton of other helpful information when you go to the Bridger Bowl website.


If you are thinking of treating yourself or someone you love to an early Christmas Present, this might just be the ticket! Bring on the snow!

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