I have so many questions on how they determine who has the best drinking water in the nation because I am so fascinated by this.

The City of Bozeman announced on their Facebook that they have been announced by the American Water Works Association of having the third-best drinking water in the nation and that's pretty impressive when you think about the magnitude of it.

Credit: City of Bozeman via Fzacebook

If you are wondering how the decide who has the best drinking water in the nation, the American Water Works Association has an expert judge panel that looks at the flavor characteristics of everyone's drinking water.

First off, how can I get this job, and two, after drinking what I can suspect is like hundreds of different waters can you decide who has the best. I am stoked that Bozeman has the third-best drinking water in the nation but I wonder how it's all decided. It's just wild to me.

If you are wondering, Fort Collins, Colorado came in second place and first place was Boston, Massachusetts.

Listen, we all know that several bottled water have different tastes from Aquafina and Dasani and you can definitely taste the difference of drinking water from taps. That's why most folks buy Britta or something along those lines, types of filters to have quality water.

Luckily here in Bozeman, we can rest easy knowing the drinking water coming out of the taps is high quality and tasty.

For more details, check out City of Bozeman.

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