Athens, Georgia, I think we could take you. Athens came in #1, but at least the people at Matador Network who made this list got us right up close to the top.

They start out with “It’s easy to fall for Bozeman...” citing all the great outdoor opportunities, the Ellen Theatre, and MSU, of course, with Museum of the Rockies and its huge collection of dinosaur fossils.

Mentions regarding food include Delicious Bakery (breakfast) Victory Taco (lunch), and Bisl Food (dinner), as well as the Community Food Co-op; places to drink include Plonk, White Dog Brewing, Red Chair Bar & Café, and Montana Ale Works; and The Lark is “where to stay.”

The Top 5 Best College Towns in America are:
Athens, Georgia
Bozeman, Montana
Greenville, South Carolina
Memphis, Tennessee
Hartford, Connecticut

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