Where's the best place to get breakfast in Bozeman?

I've been here almost a month and haven't even come close to checking out all of the great restaurants around town. When I used to live here, I always had breakfast at the Cat Eye or Main Street Overeasy. Both are great places, so if you haven't been to either you definitely need to do yourself a favor and check them out.

Another place that I used to love going is the Stockyard. When I first moved back to Bozeman, someone had told me they had closed and it made me really sad. Fortunately, that wasn't true. It's open and just a delicious as I remembered. It's kind of a hidden treasure in Bozeman. They only accept cash, so don't bring a card to pay with. They are literally located right next to a livestock auction. They have a list of laminated rules they hand you when you sit down at the counter. A couple things on the list are: "Don't expect ice, we don't have any" and "Put $$ on the counter when you are ready to hit the road, Jack." The grill that they cook on isn't even electric. It's a wood stove. I like it because of how rustic it is, the food is always delicious, and their portions are HUGE!!!

What's your favorite place to get breakfast in Bozeman?