As I've made progress unpacking boxes since I've moved to Bozeman, I have been discovering things that I've misplaced. Some of them aren't that important, but some of them are. One of the important things is my beard trimmer. I've been looking all over for it, but haven't been able to find it.

In the winter, this wouldn't be a problem because I always grow a beard in the winter. I'm not gonna lie, I can grow an impressive beard in about a week's time, but seeing as I'm starting a new job I figured it is important to keep a clean cut appearance. The problem is that I have a really bad baby face. I seriously look 12.

This morning after I got out of the shower, I looked in the mirror and thought to myself, " I really need to do something about my beard." So I did just that, I shaved my beard since I had no other option. I couldn't find my trimmer so shaving it was. The thing about shaving is that it always makes me sad and I feel like I look like a little kid when I'm clean shaved.

What do you think XL Nation? Beard or no beard?

Townsquare Media Credit Jesse James
Townsquare Media
Credit Jesse James

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