Happy National "Take A Hike" Day, Montana. No, I am not telling you to get lost, I am way nicer than that. I promise.

One of the best things about Montana is the abundant amount of hiking trails. When I first moved here, I was definitely looking forward to finding a couple of trails and making them part of my daily routine.


I fell in love with the "M Trail", you can see almost all of our beautiful city once you get halfway up, but once at the top of the trail, the view is incredible.

The Leverich Canyon Trailhead is my second favorite hiking trail. The woodsy area is so serene, but I will say, watch out for the bikers, they are cruising down the trail, and with some of the sharper curves in the trail, they may sneak up on you.

Gallagator Trail is perfect for someone who is running. It's a small trail with great views and doesn't get too busy until early evening. It is a gravel trail so weather conditions will affect the trail. Gallagator Trail is a quick easy way to get a mile in if you are looking for a short little workout.

Triple Tree Trail is a little over 5 miles long and is pretty popular, the chances of you being solo on that trail are unlikely. Triple Tree Trail can be a real doozy in the winter I have been told, so if you plan to hike it in the next month or so, be prepared.


As I said, "Take A Hike Montana", and enjoy the beautiful scenery we have here.

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