The latest data released on Friday by the Gallatin City-County Health Department shows that 61 positive COVID-19 cases were added to our cumulative total. That's the second-highest daily number we've recorded since the pandemic began back in March. The 65 daily cases recorded on October 1st is the highest daily number to date.

So, what demographics are showing the most cases right now in Gallatin County? According to the health department's weekly COVID-19 surveillance report, those between the ages of 20-29 have shown the sharpest increase in cases. The ages of 30-39 and 10-19 are next. This is good news as those most susceptible to dying from the virus, according to the CDC, are those ages 70+.

COVID-19 Deaths by Demographic in the United States

Ages 0-4: 0.1%
Ages 5-17: 0.1%
Ages 18-29: 0.5%
Ages 30-39: 1.5%
Ages 40-49: 3.2%
Ages 50-64: 15.6%
Ages 65-74: 21.1%
Ages 75-84: 26.5%
Ages 85+: 31.7%

Ages 65+ account for nearly 80% of all COVID-19 deaths.

Credit: Centers for Disease, Control, and prevention
Credit: Centers for Disease, Control, and prevention

The health department is also reporting the current number of active cases in the local schools. Here is the breakdown:

Gallatin High School: 5
Belgrade Middle School: 5
Bozeman High School: 3
Belgrade High School: 2
Chief Joseph Middle School: 2
Emily Dickenson School: 2
Petra Academy: 2
Sacajawea Middle School: 1

Currently, we have one person hospitalized due to COVID-19, which is down from a high yesterday of ten. To date, four people have died of the coronavirus in Gallatin County. Their age demographics were as follows: 1-50s, 1-60s, 2-90s.

For additional Gallatin County COVID-19 data, click here. State of Montana COVID-19 data is available by clicking here. United States COVID-19 date is available at

The Gallatin City-County Health Department Call Center is open seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. to answer questions about COVID-19. Reach the Call Center by phone at 406-548-0123 or email at

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