Most people I know dream of sandy beaches, sun and fun for their vacation.  Not me, I dream of cold powdery snow in my face!  I got to take this past week off after the Holidays, and had a wonderful vacation playing in the snow!

Living in Montana provides no shortage of ski resorts to choose from.  This year I decided that Lost Trail south of Missoula was the must hit spot.  They have cheap lift tickets (only $35), and a TON of snow.  They are only open Thursday – Sunday, and boy did we luck out.  We make the trek to Sula, MT on Wednesday.  Where the heck is that?  Answer – In the middle of no where.  We found a cabin with a small kitchenette in it, and good thing because there was nothing open at all when we arrived around 5pm.  We ate a ton, got a good night sleep and were ready to roll on Thursday morning when they opened.  WHAT A FUN DAY!  Tree runs and snow galore…I recommend this place to anyone!

The rest of my vacation consisted of more snowboarding, sleep, watching movies and eating a ton of food.  For me it was perfect.  I feel like I was in a different world, yet I was only a couple of hours away from home.  What’s some of your vacation Montana Vacation spots?