Growing up Jake Herak was more of a celebrity in the principal's office than any other place. He didn't love going to school, he liked to show his rebellious side, and spending time with his grandmother, who just so happened to be in charge of In-School Suspension. That's one way to have family time.

Herak has always been competitive in sports, but his real passion is treeing mountain lions. He basically made himself famous without even trying on his social media. Reps from Warm Springs Production had been apparently following Herak for a while on his social media and thought, "This is our next Mountain Man." They contacted Herak and there was no turning back for him, he was ready to chase his dreams.

Herak isn't just a tv celebrity to his hometown, he is a mentor. He knows how hard life can be, especially as a kid. Growing up on the reservation, Herak tells the kids at his hometown school, "If your buddy is your friend, he is not going to pressure you to do something you don't want to do..." Herak is the type of role model that every kid looks up to. A small town boy who made it big and followed his dreams. He wants youth to know that no matter what people around you believe, you absolutely have to believe in yourself.

Herak joined Mountain Men in their 7th season of airing. Every day is a dream come true for him. Being able to do what he loves most and getting to have kids look up to him. What else could he ask for. Herak will never forget where he came from and the things he has been through to get to his "spotlight" now.

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