Butte, Montana is known for many different things, which makes it an easy place to visit for the day, a long weekend, or one of their well-known festivals.

For the residents of Butte, getting to know store owners on a personal level is just one of the perks of living there. It's the kind of town where you walk into a store and are asked about your parents, your grandparents, and your kids. Why? Because the owner has likely been around so long, they know them all.

For 22 years, Cavanaugh’s County Celtic has been an iconic stop for residents and tourists. It's the kind of shop you go to get fun gifts, Irish anything, and when you leave, you don't just leave with a purchase, but you leave with a story as well.

Last April, owner John “Jake” Cavanaugh lost his wife Monica, and the store just didn't seem the same without her. So Jake has decided it is time to hand the storefront over to someone else and let them build their dream in the building that built Monica's.

Although the annual St. Patty's day festival will not be the same without a stop at the iconic County Celtic, owner Jake knows that the show will still go on as a success, like it always does.

The big question is, who will take over the store and what will it become? Park Street Liquor will be taking over the lease, but as of now, it's not clear what will be put in the shop. Hopefully, there will be a little piece of the Cavanaughs displayed somewhere inside.

Congrats to Jake on his retirement, we hope he enjoys his hunting, fishing, and traveling.

cc: NBC Montana

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